Accessibility team

The accessibility team works in collaboration with multiple departments, colleges and external partners to improve content accessibility across all courses regardless of format (online and in person). The team provides support and assists in connecting students, faculty and staff to available resources.

Iris Elijah
Associate General Counsel

Nicole Attong
ADA and Accessibility Coordinator

Krystal Sutherland
Accessibility Project Manager

Mayte Capo
Accessibility Logistics Manager

Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) provides useful guidelines for developing curricula, selecting materials and creating learning environments that consider the wide variability of learners in higher education environments.

Read more about UDL and explore Tools for Universal Learning.

Training and certifications

FIU has a host of support, training and certifications options.

Explore these training resources.

Digitization services and scanners

The university has several BookeEye scanners and other digitization services.

Learn more about digitization services.

Disability and accessibility

Forms for faculty and other resources for students can be found here. 

Visit the Diversity Equity and Inclusion site

Where can I get help?

Getting assistance with your accessibility needs is easy. Visit our Help page for more information.

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